Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Here is a demo version of one of the best racing video games ever developed

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Demo

Get behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars in the world, staying away from police cars and completing challenges at the same time.

Need For Speed is a game where you're in control of the vehicle you purchase. You have to start with a basic car, but there are opportunities to change features to make it faster and to make it handle better. Your cars are kept in a personal garage, and you can change between cars at any time during the game. When you start playing, you can drive around the city to get a feel for where the streets are located and where some of the obstacles might be located. There are events at various points in the city where you can drag race, race a circuit or drift. If you win the event, then you earn money to upgrade your car.

There is also an option to play the game to see if you can out-drive police officers. Be careful because they can catch up with you rather quickly and can out stop strips on the road. Your goal is to drive faster than the police cars, which is possible if you upgrade your car enough or find side streets to drive on where you get lost from the officers. A map in the corner of the screen shows where you're located and where the officers are located. Another way to play the game is as the police officer. This is perhaps the best way to play the game if you're looking for a challenge. You have to know how to maneuver your vehicle to pin the other car in place and be able to handle your vehicle while racing on the streets to catch up with the car you're chasing.


  • Different modes of game play
  • Detailed graphics and upgrades on cars
  • Challenging events


  • Needs updated effects
  • Few ways to save progress

Electronic Arts' long-running Need for Speed series has entertained gamers with its velocity and excitement since its inception. The initial entries in the series were rather straightforward racing games with real-world super-cars to pilot, but later installments added police chases that quickly proved popular. A great example of this latter innovation could be found in 2005's Need for Speed Most Wanted, a title that many fans consider one of the series' high-water marks.

In 2012, the Electronic Arts studio Criterion Games reused that name and put together a stunning tribute to the original. This Need for Speed Most Wanted demo gives a sizable taste of the high-revving action to be found in that release. The game makes good use of modern rendering techniques, offering gamers photo-realistic graphics that really help to immerse them into the world.

The demo is especially generous with content, allow virtual racers to step into the drivers' seats of four different world-class performance cars. Players may even delve into the game's car modification system, choosing and installing aftermarket parts, which boost particular performance characteristics of cars in their stables. Two entirely distinct race courses are available for trying out these cars and modifications, and players can both race against other, AI-piloted cars and try to outrun the local police after they get wind of this law-breaking activity.

An impressive game that is typical of Criterion's justly lauded output, Need for Speed Most Wanted is put on excellent display in this demo. Gamers with any kind of interest in the series would do well to check out this sample of the full product, then, and it's a worthwhile piece of entertainment in its own right, too.


  • Fast, gripping, racing action
  • A fine selection of cars on offer
  • Two well-designed race courses


  • Slight frame-rate issues can bog down the action
  • AI opponents can be maddening at times

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